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Purchasing diamonds: RenéSim diamond search

Are you planning to purchase brilliants or diamonds?
  • Use our professional diamond search to find up to 250,000 diamonds
  • Select the desired diamond shape and add filters for price, carats, colour, cut and clariy
  • Search results are displayed immediately as you enter your criteria
  • RenéSim offers only untreated conflict-free diamonds with independent certification (GIA, HRD, IGI)
Gemological Institute of America, strict certification criteria
International Gemological Institute, strict certification criteria
Hoge Raad voor Diamant, strict certification criteria
The RenéSim Distinction
  • Evenness of facet surface
  • Evenness of shape and arrangement of facets
  • Glow in diamonds under ultra-violet light
  • Proportions of central top facet
  • Ratio of height : diameter

Our recommended table width: 55-63%

Exceptional-quality diamonds, special tips from the experts at RenéSim
A preselected range of the most attractively priced diamonds in their quality category
Restore default filter settings

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Renésim diamond search: buy the most beautiful diamonds online

If you wish to purchase diamonds, RenéSim is the foremost address. We offer a comprehensive range of over 250,000 diamonds at outstanding conditions. As Europe's first luxury online jeweller, we combine the benefits of modern Internet shopping with the centuries-old tradition of the jeweller's craft. For you, this adds up to a uniquely extensive choice of diamonds representing exceptional value for money.

Purchasing diamonds – your personal choice

The best way to search for your ideal diamond - and find it - is online, by specifying the shape, colour, carats, clarity and cut that match your personal preference. If you would like to purchase a diamond from us, you can enter your individual search criteria in our Diamond Search and select from our wide range of stones. Once you have found your diamond (or diamonds), simply contact us with a non-binding enquiry.
If you prefer, you can combine your chosen diamond online with one of our ring settings (RenéSim Diamond Ring Configurator and RenéSim Engagement Ring Configurator) or commission Franz and Maximilian Hemmerle to create a personal diamond ring design that is uniquely yours. Your best source for buying diamonds online is the jewellery experts at RenéSim.

Search for diamonds online in the largest online database

You can easily choose your ideal diamond out of over 250,000 stones in the RenéSim database. You can purchase a loose diamond only, combine the diamond with an engagement ring setting from our collection or have an individual design created for you by Franz and Maximilian Hemmerle.

How does the diamond search work?

Simply move the scroll bar to narrow down your results according to your search criteria. You will see at once how the number of search results changes. if you are interested in a diamond, click the "View" button to learn more about the diamond, to choose a certain ring or to enquire about your individual design.

How can I buy a diamond online?

If you are considering purchasing a diamond ring or a diamond online, you can either send us an enquiry without obligation or place a binding order. If you decide to send an enquiry without obligation, please click the "Enquire" button and send us an e-mail or call us. We will then send you an offer immediately. To accept our offer, simply confirm by sending us an e-mail or fax. All enquiries up to this point are entirely without obligation. Alternatively, you can order a diamond or diamond ring directly and pay in our online store. We will respond within one working day with a binding confirmation of your order. Given the high demand for our products, in very rare cases a diamond may no longer be available if another customer has selected it in the meantime. In this case, we will cancel your offer to conclude a sale contract within one working day. At the same time, we will search for a replacement diamond at the same price which is of equivalent or better quality in the "Four Cs" categories used to determine the quality of a diamond. In exceptional cases, e.g. if a particularly attractively priced diamond is out of stock, the replacement offered may be slightly more expensive. If you do not accept our offer of a replacement in this case, no sale takes place and you naturally pay nothing.

How do I compare diamond prices?

Choose the perfect diamond for you from our vast selection of diamonds at the most favourable prices. Perhaps you are looking for a 0.5-ct or 1-carat TW, VS/SI brilliant-cut diamond? Simply use the scroll bars to set your search criteria (carats, colour, clarity, cut). Select the best diamond for your personal needs from the results, and send us an enquiry.

How do I pay for diamonds?

We will dispatch the diamond (within five to seven days) or your jewellery (usually within ten days) as soon as we have received payment by wire transfer or PayPal. If you have any questions regarding secure payment or would like to enquire about alternative payment options, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I return diamonds?

Loose diamonds can be returned within 14 days of purchase without the need to state a reason. For more information please refer to the Service area of this website.

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As an online jeweller, RenéSim combines the benefits of a modern online-based business model with 180 years of family-run traditional craftsmanship in the jewellery industry. Gemstones such as diamonds are the central focus at RenéSim; we supply high-quality, thoroughly individual pieces such as engagement rings in addition to loose diamonds. We offer unique diamond post earrings, diamond rings, memory rings, engagement rings and much more. Consult the jewellery experts at RenéSim!

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