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Purchasing gemstones: Gemstone jewellery from RenéSim


Are you seeking gemstones or gemstone jewellery?

The majority of gemstones, including diamonds, are minerals. They are formed under high pressure at high temperatures and at enormous depths in the earth's crust. Gemstones are extremely rare and therefore highly sought-after. Each gemstone is unique and has its own individual beauty.

Gemstones and gemstone jewellery from RenéSim

Gemstones have been coveted throughout the history of humanity. Formerly esteemed as status symbols and reserved for the wealthiest classes, gemstones are worn today more for personal pleasure than to demonstrate prosperity. Are you interested in purchasing a gemstone or quality gemstone jewellery?

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Gemstone jewellery RenéSim

An individual one-of-a-piece item of jewellery can be designed for you.
If you are interested in loose gemstones or in jewellery set with one or more gemstones, please contact us and inform us of the gemstone that interests you. We will send you an offer absolutely without obligation.

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Loose gemstones and jewels (gemstone jewellery)

Gemstones - an introduction

Gemology is the term used for the science of gemstones and precious stones. Gems or gemstones are the names given to precious or semi-precious stones used in jewellery. Mankind has been familiar with gemstones and precious stones for 10,000 years. While the majority of gemstones are minerals, they may also be rocks, mineral aggregates or organic accumulations. Minerals, for example, can be formed in various ways; some crystallise from molten gases and other masses in the earth's crust.
Gemstones meet three criteria: rarity, transparency and hardness exceeding 7 on the Mohs scale. According to these criteria, diamonds are today classified as gems although they were once virtually ignored as stones for jewellery.

Gemstones and their characteristics

The international gemstone industry uses carats, grains, mommes or grams to measure the weight of a gem. However, The most important characteristics of a stone are related to its appearance, such as colour, lustre, luminescence, fire, refraction, translucency and fluorescence. Gemstones must generally be cut and polished to develop their full beauty. A skilful cut not only shapes the gem, but also maximises its ability to reflect light and its lustre. The unique beauty of a gemstone is usually created by its combination of colour, lustre and refraction of light. In many cases inclusions are not rated as flaws, but as unique features of a specific stone.

Gemstones, their nomenclature and famous gemstones

There are several hundred different types of gemstone. Some of the best-known are sapphire, emerald, ruby, tourmaline and amethyst; other familiar names may be citrine, beryl, aquamarine, iolith, moonstone, morganite, peridot, topaz and opal.
Gemstones take their names from Oriental languages, Latin and Greek. Their original names generally refer to the characteristic features of the stone (e.g. its colour), its location or the mysterious powers it is said to possess.
And yet many gems have incorrect or misleading names. Blue topaz, for example, is frequently incorrectly known as 'Brazilian sapphire' and blue zirconia as 'Siamese aquamarine'.

Natural gemstones and their synthetic cousins

Today imitations of gemstones are becoming increasingly sophisticated, representing a significant problem and giving rise to a considerable industry. While synthetic imitations are not prohibited, they must be clearly identified as such; however, cheap imitations are often sold as high-quality gemstones at inflated prices. The distinction between natural and synthetic gemstones is almost invisible to ordinary consumers; often complex verification procedures by experts are required to tell the difference.

Gemstones and their religious significance

Gemstones play a part in most of the world's major religions. Both Judaism and Christianity feature specific objects which have traditionally always been set with gems. In other major religions, gems are used to ornament buildings or utensils.

Gemstones and their healing properties

Mysterious powers or otherworldly properties have always been attributed to gems. For this reason, they served prehistoric peoples as talismans and amulets many thousands of years ago. A branch of esotericism concerns the healing powers attributed to gemstones, which are alleged to have the power to heal disease and other physical disorders.

Gemstones as investments

Generally the only gems considered a suitable investment are diamonds, which have undergone a well-documented increase in value in the past decades.

What are jewels?

Every stone is a jewel in its broadest sense; however, a more precise definition of a jewel is a decorative item of precious metal set with one or more gemstones (jewellery). Cut loose gems may also be referred to as jewels.
Gemstone or gem are collective names applied to all precious and semi-precious stones, whether colourless or coloured.

Purchasing gemstones at RenéSim (loose gemstones and gemstone jewellery)

At RenéSim we source our gems directly from global mining and cutting companies. This enables us to obtain even the rarest and most unusual stones for you. Designers Franz and Maximilian Hemmerle use only the most carefully selected stones to bring exceptional fire and brilliance to RenéSim's jewellery collections. Contact us and we will be delighted to design an individual one-of-a-piece item of jewellery for you, bringing out the special qualities of your selected gemstone.

Please visit also our Gemstone Lexicon.


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