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Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Perhaps you love RenéSim's jewellery designs but find it hard to decide what will give the recipient the most pleasure? In this case, why not give a RenéSim gift voucher, available in a variety of price categories? This allows your loved ones to choose their own favourite pieces and is guaranteed to bring pleasure.

Voucher GBP 100 Voucher GBP 100

Voucher worth GBP 100. Make a gift now, let the presentee choose later.

GBP 101.11
Incl. VAT and free shipping

Voucher GBP 300 Voucher GBP 300

Voucher worth GBP 300. Make a gift now, let the presentee choose later.

GBP 303.33
Incl. VAT and free shipping

Voucher GBP 500 Voucher GBP 500

Voucher worth GBP 500. Make a gift now, let the presentee choose later.

GBP 505.54
Incl. VAT and free shipping

Voucher GBP 750 Voucher GBP 750

Voucher worth GBP 750. Make a gift now, let the presentee choose later.

GBP 758.32
Incl. VAT and free shipping

Voucher GBP 1000 Voucher GBP 1000

Voucher worth GBP 1000. Make a gift now, let the presentee choose later.

GBP 1,011.09
Incl. VAT and free shipping

Voucher GBP 3000 Voucher GBP 3000

Voucher worth GBP 3000. Make a gift now, let the presentee choose later.

GBP 3,033.28
Incl. VAT and free shipping

Precious jewellery is a matter of trust!

RenéSim is your online jeweller with 180 years of family tradition. We are happy to provide personal advice – we work with you to create the perfect piece of jewellery for all occasions. Simply contact us.

+44 20 351 466 05Call us from Monday to Friday, 9 am – 7 pm

Voucher GBP 5000 Voucher GBP 5000

Voucher worth GBP 5000. Make a gift now, let the presentee choose later.

GBP 5,055.46
Incl. VAT and free shipping


Gift vouchers from RenéSim: Give the gift of freedom!

If you are unsure of which item of jewellery to give or if you would like the recipient to have the chance of choosing the right gift, a RenéSim Gift Voucher is the perfect option. Whether you use the voucher as a gift for women or men, for a birth or a wedding anniversary - RenéSim Gift Vouchers are always a good choice. If you are uncertain of what gift would be best, it is far better to give gift vouchers and allow recipients to make up their own minds. Vouchers for quality diamond jewellery are certain to delight. The vouchers can be used for any item from the entire range supplied by RenéSim - from prêt-à-porter styles to individual custom designs made to order by us. A gift voucher opens all doors. Surprise the recipient with the opportunity of expressing his or her own ideas and creating a unique personalised piece. If you have any questions about our range of products or would like personal advice on the subject of gift vouchers, call us at any time.

Gift vouchers for quality jewellery, diamonds or elegant silver accessories

RenéSim Gift Vouchers are available for the sums of GBP 100, GBP 300, GBP 500, GBP 750, GBP 1000, GBP 3000 and GBP 5000. These vouchers can be exchanged by the lucky recipient for loose diamonds, silver accessories or elegant jewellery such as diamond rings, diamond post earrings, hoop earrings, bracelets or necklaces. The exclusive RenéSim collections were designed personally by Franz & Maximilian Hemmerle. As the superb-quality pieces can naturally all be personalised, the gift voucher can be exchanged for a unique one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Recipients are bound to find the perfect item in our vast collection and range of personalisation options.

Gift vouchers - Freedom to decide

Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions - you are always on the safe side with a gift voucher. Gift vouchers allow recipients to choose their own gift according to their personal tastes. And gift vouchers are particularly advisable if you are unsure about exactly what to give or if the recipient has definite ideas or enjoys being creative. The voucher can be exchanged for beautiful jewellery that can be individually configured and ordered online in a simple process. Of course you have the opportunity to receive detailed advice from our Customer Service by telephone or e-mail.

Gift vouchers for women and men - a great gift idea

Of course, gift vouchers are not only a great gift idea for women, but for men too. Women can exchange their gift voucher for a luxury diamond ring in a range of styles with white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum setting - or be spoilt for choice by our extensive ranges of quality diamond post earrings, hoop earrings, necklaces, pendants, chokers, gold rings, cocktail rings, bracelets and bangles.
We also offer beautiful gift choices for men. A gift voucher can be exchanged for double-sided cufflinks set with coloured gemstones, or elegant silver accessories in 925 sterling silver. RenéSim supplies exclusive wine stoppers, fountain pens, banknote clips, bottle openers, letter-openers, key fobs and keyrings.
Or what about a loose diamond as an investment or for inclusion in a special piece of jewellery? The choice is yours.

Bring a smile to their faces with a gift voucher

From Christmas gifts to gifts on other occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries, jewellery has always been one of the most popular gifts. But perhaps you are uncertain about whether your loved one would prefer a ring in white gold or yellow gold? Or what kind of gemstone, what colour or design would be the right choice? Before you buy a piece of jewellery that may not match the recipient's wishes, we recommend a gift voucher. Gift vouchers enable recipients to make their own decisions simply and easily, and design their own personal jewellery themselves. By giving a gift voucher you can be certain that the gift that is finally chosen will be the perfect one. Bring a smile to the face of your loved one!
Choose a gift voucher with values from GBP 100 to GBP 5000!

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