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General questions regarding the creation
of RenéSim Jewellery

Who creates the designs for RenéSim jewellery?

The majority of the jewellery shown at RenéSim is designed by Franz & Maximilian Hemmerle. These pieces are exclusive to RenéSim. In addition, we offer selected pieces by other designers.

How is RenéSim jewellery created?

The jewellery offered at RenéSim is exclusively created using traditional methods of craftsmanship. All designs by Franz & Maximilian Hemmerle are hand-crafted by master goldsmiths in Germany. RenéSim offers an unparalleled degree of personalisation. Each and every piece is a unique work of art, produced specifically to the customer's orders.

What are prêt-à-porter pieces?

We also offer all jewellery designs in prêt-à-porter versions that express our personal selection of precious metals and gemstones. This provides a tasteful choice of RenéSim jewellery for customers who are not searching for individual pieces. Prêt-à-porter designs are generally dispatched more quickly than customised pieces.

What types of gems are available from RenéSim?

RenéSim buys gems directly from the most exclusive mining companies and gem cutters in the world. We work with our partners to seek out the finest and most exciting gems for you. Our customers benefit from the following advantages:

  • RenéSim offers an enormous selection of gemstones. With many of our jewellery pieces, you can choose from over one thousand options to design your unique personal piece.
  • We can assure rapid delivery of even the most unusual colours and colour combinations.
  • We draw on abundant resources for our extensive selection of gemstones. RenéSim is therefore synonymous with jewellery creations featuring generously sized, high-quality gems.

What types of gold are used by RenéSim?

RenéSim offers by default gold of the highest quality and price category: 18-carat gold (also known as 750 or 75% gold).

What types of diamonds are offered by RenéSim?

The quality, and thus the market value, of diamonds is rigorously measured by the 'four Cs' of Colour, Clarity, Carat and Cut.

Colour grading scales for diamonds range from D (colourless) to Z (yellow). In accordance with our in-house standard, we always try to offer diamonds of colour grades from D to M ('exceptional white' to 'tinted white'). Purity ratings for diamonds range from IF (loupe clean, even under strong magnification) to P3 (obvious inclusions easily visible with the naked eye). Again, we have chosen to observe the high standard of offering diamonds from IF to SI2 ('internally flawless' to 'small inclusions').

Can I buy jewellery and gems from RenéSim which are not shown on the website?

As jewellers and goldsmiths, we are also happy to provide you with a personalised offer. You care for klingt sehr denglisch - Vorschlag: Do you long for oder Do you covet a platinum ring or earrings with blackened palladium settings? Maybe you prefer a bracelet of precious emeralds, or jewellery set with diamonds which are not listed on our website?

No problem at all! At RenéSim, the only limits are your imagination.

Simply contact us!

Call us at

+44 20 351 466 05 (for callers in the UK) or

+49 89 1222 893 0 (for international callers)

from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm. 

If you need our services outside these hours – for example, in the evening or at weekends – we will be happy to arrange a personal appointment!

For urgent enquiries outside office hours, you can also e-mail us at:


How do I recognise RenéSim quality?

We only use the best materials and finest methods of craftsmanship for our jewellery. You can identify this quality by the following features:

  • Each piece is supplied with a certificate with our stamp and signature, confirming the types of gems and gold alloys used for your jewellery.
  • Each diamond over 0.5 carat is accompanied by a certificate from an independent institution guaranteeing the features of your diamond. Our partners in this procedure are well-known major laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).
  • Each piece of jewellery features a hallmark and a gold standard mark. The hallmark is the producer's mark and shows that your piece has been produced by a master goldsmith. The gold standard mark (on our pieces, this is always '750' for 18-carat, 750 gold) is the goldsmith's confirmation of the use of this type of gold. 
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