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The diamond necklace: A peerless masterpiece

Masterpiece Necklace

A unique necklace created by RenéSim

The diamond necklace was designed and crafted especially for a RenéSim customer seeking an elegant, timeless necklace. We took our inspiration from the designs of RenéSim Lacaze. We worked with the customer on the design over a period of around six months; the production of the necklace itself was completed within six weeks.

Diamonds at their most beautiful

The diamond necklace is made up of 78 individual diamonds with carat weights between 0.35 ct and 5 ct. The four stones in the centre of the piece (diamonds weighing 1 ct, 1.7 ct, 3 ct and 5 ct) are fixed in place to retain the shape of the necklace, yet move with the wearer. The upper part of the necklace is slightly angled for added flexibility, fitting closely to the neck. The necklace is 41.5 cm long and 13.22 cm in diameter.

Please contact us

Masterpiece Necklace

Simply use our contact form or call us to receive assistance without obligation from one of our consultants, and find out in detail about the options for custom design by RenéSim. We bring our wealth of experience and the craftsmanship of master jewellers into the design and creation of your personal one-of-a-kind piece.

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An individual necklace by RenéSim: Something very special

A true masterpiece: The diamond necklace

This stunningly beautiful diamond necklace, created as a one-of-a-kind piece for a customer, is just one example of the magnificence of a diamond-studded necklace. RenéSim offers an extensive Diamond Database containing superb gemstones for all tastes. As impressive and fascinating as the individual stones are, they take on far greater brilliance when set in a necklace or large pendant to create a stunning piece that glitters in a thousand colours. RenéSim will be happy to provide advice about which diamonds or brilliants are the most suitable for your personal item of jewellery. Our long-standing and extensive contacts enable us to offer you extremely favourable conditions. In producing your jewellery, we work only with experienced goldsmiths and dealers to ensure items of the highest quality. Whether your desire is for a magnificent and precious necklace or whether you prefer a simpler style, our goal is to bring your personal jewellery dream to life, and we look forward to every design from our customers. If you seek a necklace or pendant, RenéSim can provide the perfect solution. Why not browse our selection of diamond jewellery, including diamond-set earrings and bangles as well as necklaces?

Necklace with coloured gemstones

Gemstone Jewellery is a particularly exclusive choice. Pieces of jewellery set with coloured gemstones and diamonds have a very special charisma and exclusivity. RenéSim offers a wide range of coloured gemstones for inclusion in your individual necklace ‒ because coloured gems are particularly effective when used to set accents in a necklace.


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