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Necklaces - glamorous jewellery to make eyes sparkle

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Necklaces and their history

Necklaces have taken many forms throughout the course of history, from plain, simple chains to the magnificent pieces heavy with precious stones that were most commonly worn by royal families on ceremonial occasions.

Exquisite necklaces from your online jeweller

Are you interested in purchasing a necklace? At RenéSim you can find a peerless one-of-a-kind piece created with meticulous care from the finest gemstones and most precious metals. You can order an exceptionally valuable necklace beset with diamonds for formal evening occasions, or simpler necklaces with pendants of coloured gemstones or diamonds.

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Necklace with diamonds from RenéSim

Are you seeking a necklace that fulfils your exact wishes? Whether set with elegant brilliants or colourful gemstones - we will be happy to realise your desire and make your dream necklace come true. Contact us without obligation, and we will work with you to create a personal and individual design.

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The necklace – jewellery in an array of forms

Necklaces throughout history

Although necklaces were already worn as decorative ornaments in Palaeolithic times, they had little in common with what we know as necklaces today. The first necklaces were made from crudely fashioned wood, stone, ivory or shells. As craftsmanship became more sophisticated and people began to work metals, silver and gold, these materials were also used to make chains - the ancestors of today's necklaces.
As skills developed, these chains were decorated with a variety of ornaments. Ancient Egypt became an important centre of these crafts.
Necklaces were highly popular in the 15th and 16th centuries in the form of lavish gold chains. In the late 16th century the form of the jewellery changed as Spanish fashions spread, and the necklaces and chokers set with sparkling gemstones or the Orient pearls so popular in that era became finer, slimmer and more filigree.
In the early 18th century the prevailing fashion was for velvet chokers with finely ornamented pendants. Later, as the century drew to a close, sets of jewellery became popular; they generally comprised a necklace or choker with a matching ring, earrings, bracelet and hair decoration such as a tiara.
A new type of necklace was introduced at the start of the 19th century when classical Greek art came into vogue, accompanied by delicate waist-length necklaces set with sparkling gemstones.

Necklaces today

Today a necklace can be anything from a simple gold chain with pendant to a magnificent piece of jewellery covered with gemstones. Whatever your taste in necklaces, RenéSim is naturally happy to create a piece of supreme quality for you.


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