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Spinels can be found in many beautiful colours. The most coveted of all is an intense, glowing red which can be compared to the colour of rubies. At RenéSim, you can find carefully selected spinels in a range of colours and in cuts of your choice. Fine spinels are extremely precious and desirable. Explore the diversity of these magical gems in our range of spinels.

Spinel oval cut 3.08 ct Spinel oval cut 3.08 ct

Spinel in oval cut, dimensions 9.8 x 8.5 mm

GBP 3,832.04
Incl. VAT and free shipping

Spinel oval cut 1.24 ct Spinel oval cut 1.24 ct

Spinel in oval cut, dimensions 7.45 x 5.57 mm

GBP 959.53
Incl. VAT and free shipping

Spinel oval cut 2.22 ct Spinel oval cut 2.22 ct

Spinel in oval cut, dimensions 9.03 x 7.97 mm

GBP 1,102.09
Incl. VAT and free shipping

Spinel pear cut 1.51 ct Spinel pear cut 1.51 ct

Spinel in pear cut, dimensions 9.38 x 5.93 mm

GBP 899.87
Incl. VAT and free shipping

Spinel brilliant cut 4.05 ct Spinel brilliant cut 4.05 ct

Spinel in brilliant cut, dimensions 9.72 mm

GBP 9,494.15
Incl. VAT and free shipping

Spinel oval cut 0.85 ct Spinel oval cut 0.85 ct

Spinel in oval cut, dimensions 6.92 x 4.91 mm

GBP 555.09
Incl. VAT and free shipping


Spinels – A wealth of colour

In their pure form spinels are completely colourless; the wide range of colours found in spinels is actually created by impurities, deposits of other substances. While spinels can be found in shades of yellow, green, red, blue, brown and black, the most popular and coveted colour is ruby red. Spinels of this hue are virtually identical to rubies; in fact, many a famous ruby in the British Crown Jewels is actually a spinel. The Black Prince's Ruby, set in the Imperial State Crown, and the 361-carat Timur Ruby, part of a necklace among the Crown Jewels, are both spinels.
To distinguish more precisely between the various colours of spinels, jewellers divide them into categories. Yellow-hued, orange and brown-hued stones are known as rubicells. Pink to pale red spinels are usually classified as Balas spinels. Pleonast spinels are opaque dark green or blackish stones that take their colour from iron deposits. Zinc causes the blue to dark blue hue of Gahno spinels or gahnites. Spinels with a dark green to brownish colour are known as chrome spinels or picotites.

Spinels at RenéSim, your online jeweller

Only very few spinels are found in colours intense and rich enough for use in jewellery. A high-quality spinel is a precious and valuable stone and is highly coveted ‒ as its name implies: 'spinel' is derived from the Greek word for 'spark' or 'sparkle'. In addition, flawless spinels are both extremely desirable and extremely rare; the majority of stones contain inclusions, which may give them their own unique character.
At RenéSim you will naturally find only spinels of the finest quality, selected according to rigorous critera.

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