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Rough diamonds: Diamonds in the raw

Rough Diamonds

Are you interested in rough diamonds?

Rough diamonds are unworked, uncut diamonds, and are gems of enigmatic power because the quality of a diamond cannot be determined in its uncut state. Only after cutting and polishing can the quality and clarity of a diamond be established. Even state-of-the-art technologies can only provide limited assistance in estimating the value of a diamond. The critical factor in creating a valuable diamond is the craftsmanship and expertise of the diamond polisher.

Where can rough diamonds be purchased?

It is extremely difficult for individuals to buy uncut diamonds, which are sold directly to diamond polishers from all over the world at diamond exchanges or 'bourses' to which individuals have no access. Consumers thus generally only have the chance to purchase cut and polished diamonds.

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From rough diamonds to sparkling cut diamonds

Where do rough diamonds come from?

The global centre of today's diamond trade is Antwerp. Rough uncut diamonds from diamond mines all over the world (Africa, Australia, China, Canada, Russia and South America) are delivered to diamond exchanges or 'bourses' in Antwerp, where they are sold to diamond polishers. These rough diamond exchanges are closed to individuals.

The largest rough diamond bourse in the world

Diamantkring in Antwerp is the world's largest bourse for rough diamonds. Since the most rigorous criteria apply to membership, for many years this exchange has numbered only two German companies among its full members. At the bourse, rough diamonds are sold on to diamond polishers all over the world, the majority of which are located in India, Israel, China and Belgium. There, rough diamonds are cut and polished in elaborate and complex processes.

Cutting raw diamonds

Estimating the quality of a diamond before it is cut is an extremely difficult process. Diamond quality is determined by four criteria known as the Four Cs: Colour, Carat, Clarity and Cut. Diamond cutting requires an exceptional degree of craftsmanship and expertise, as the cut brings out and maximises the stone's brilliance and fire.

How do diamonds reach the consumer?

After cutting, diamonds are sold at a diamond exchange to wholesalers, who sell them to jewellers, goldsmiths and jewellery manufacturers. From this stage the cut diamonds can be purchased by individuals as an investment or in the form of beautiful jewellery.

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