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Wedding ring - which hand is the right one?

Wedding rings are traditionally worn on the ring finger of the right hand in Germany, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Norway and Russia. However, in most other countries such as Mediterranean countries, the USA and Switzerland, wedding rings are worn on the left hand. But why? A question it is almost impossible to answer.

Wedding ring - worn left or right?

There are legends and explanations old and new for both versions. According to an ancient legend, the Greeks and Egyptians believed that a vein led directly to the heart from the left ring finger - the vena amoris. This belief would explain the wedding ring on the left ring finger. However, according to the Bible (Exodus 15.6) the right hand is the 'good and blessed side', so that the wedding ring should be worn on the right ring finger.

It is therefore hard to find a clear answer to the question "Wedding ring - right or left?". The answer depends on the country and culture where one lives and has grown up. Germany has adopted the habit of wearing the wedding ring on the right hand and the engagement ring on the left.

In fact, the hand on which you wear your wedding ring also depends on your personal preferences and habits. A wedding ring is always a symbol of eternal love and the deep bond of marriage, whether it is worn on the left or right hand.


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